Require automatic transmission


Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Information

Mileage and Tires:

All prices include unlimited kilometers / mileage.

All cars are fitted with winter tires in winter time (Free of Charge).



Full refund for cancellation 48 hours or more before pick up time.

The deposit is always full refundable.


Payment Accepted:

Credit and Debit cards are accepted.


Order Confirmation:

When a car is booked, an Order Confirmation will be sent by e-mail.

Please contact us at [email protected] in case you haven't received it and we will send it to you.



In addition to the rental amount a refundable deposit of 2.990 kr is required.

This gives us the possibility to deduct fees such as sub-sea tunnel trips, a car returned without a full tank, parking tickets and damage.



The self risk is kr. 7.000,- for each accident. This means, that the renter will pay at the most kr. 7.000,- if an accident occurs.

GOLD Insurance: For the payment of kr. 178,- a day, the self risk will be reduced to kr. 0,- per damage instead of 7.000 kr.

SILVER Insurance: For the payment of kr. 119,- a day, the self risk will be reduced to kr. 1.000,- per damage instead of 7.000 kr.

BRONZE Insurance: For the payment of kr. 99,- a day, the self risk will be reduced to kr. 2.000,- per damage instead of 7.000 kr.

This can be purchased as an optional extra when booking.

See for more info.


Insurance Coverage:

The Insurance Covers Car Damage and Car Theft.

Flat Tyre, Towing and Roadside Assistance is not covered.

See Exceptions of Coverage here:


Sub Sea Tunnels. How do I pay for my passages?

No Worries! We will handle it for you and deduct your Sub Sea Tunnel passages from the deposit before refund.

It is possible to buy unlimited tunnel pass for the Vága- and Norðoya tunnels when booking a car on our site.

One way tickets can be bought for Sandoyar tunnel and both routes in the Eysturoyar tunnel when booking on our site as well.

Prices can be found here:


Car Pick Up:

You can pick up the rental car in Torshavn or at the Airport. It is also possible to pick up the car at your Hotel and other location around the Faroe Islands.

The Renter should inspect the vehicle before the renting term begins. We strongly recommend taking pictures of possible damages in order to avoid any disputes.

Known damages are marked with a "Reported Damage" sticker.


Car Delivery:

You can deliver the car in Torshavn or at the Airport at P4. Just drop the key in our "Drop Key" box.

It is also possible to deliver the car at your hotel and other locations around the Faroe Islands.

Remember to fill up the tank.

We also recommend taking pictures of the car, when you deliver the car. You do not need to send us the pictures,


Late Car Delivery:

Grace Period for late delivery is 29 minutes. After 29 mins an hourly charge of 200 kr will apply up to 2 1/2 hours after original delivery time agreed.

If delivery of the car is 2 1/2 hours after agreed delivery time, a charge for a day extra will apply.


Can I deliver the car earlier than agreed?

Yes you can. However it is not possible to get a refund for time not used.



Full to Full Tank.

This means that the car will have a full tank at pick up, and must be delivered again with a full tank.

The fee for not delivering a car with a full tank is the actual fuel missing + 300 kr.

The type of fuel is marked with a sticker on the outside of each car near or on the fuel hatch/door.


Parking and Parking Tickets:

Most places have free parking. In the centre of Tórshavn for example, parking is free but there are time limits.

Parking places with time limits are marked with a blue sign with times on. Set clock in front screen window accordingly to avoid tickets.

Parking tickets are 200kr for the ticket itself + a handling fee of 100kr.


Minimum Age:

Minimum age for renting a car is 20 years. Additional drivers must be 20 years old as well.


Driver's License:

International Driver's License or IDP is not mandatory. But the requirement is that a foreign driver's license is issued in Latin letters (A-Z).

If in Chinese for example, a translation issued by a legal authority must also be available in Faroese, Danish, English or French.