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Terms and conditions

Orders are made online with the booking tool. Type in start and end date, select your preferred car and extras.

Confirm your selection and pay for your booking in the payment window.

Free kilometers and Free additional drivers
All our prices are included unlimited  kilometers and free additional drivers.

Cars, prices and groups
The cars are grouped after size. The renter will always get a car from the group he or she booked. If needed Arctic can provite a car from a higher group, but for the same price.

When you rent a car, you have to pay 1.490,- in deposit. The deposit is paid in addition to the rental amount and not as a part of it. The deposit will be refunded to you after the rental. This gives us the possibility to subtract the fee for any additional sub-sea tunnels trips, a car returned without a full tank, parking tickets, and the likes, should it be nessecary.

Driver licence and age of driver
Minimum age for renting a car is 20 years. All the additional drivers must also be 20 years old to drive.

The Renter agrees not to allow any other person to drive the vehicle, except for authorised drivers listed in the contract.

The renter and all the additional drivers must have a legitimate drivers licence.

The self risk is kr. 6.500,- for each accident. This means, that the renter will pay at the most kr. 6.500,- if an accident happens.

For the payment of kr. 118,- a day, the self risk will be kr. 1490,- instead of the standard 6.500,-

The self-risk insurance does not cover:

  • If the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that makes the driver not able to drive the car in a safe manner. The alcohol limit is 0,2 ‰
  • If the renter will use the car for not legal activities.
  • If the renter drives in reckless manner
  • Holes burned on seats and mats.
  • Broken equipment in the car
  • Speeding or parking tickets. Toll roads. And etc.
  • Damages to the bottom of the car, when driving on a bad road.
  • The cost for transportation, if the car is unable to drive after an accident.
  • Damages to the clutch caused by not being able to properly drive a car with manual transmission

The Renter understands that the vehicle is for use only in Faroe Islands and cannot be taken to any other county.

All cars are non-smoking cars.

If an accidents occur, the renter must pay the self risk (see insurance). If the repair cost less than the self risk, will the renter only pay the price for the repair.

If the renter is not responsible for the accident, a written confirmation from the counter part must be submitted. All material damages must be reported to the police, phone +298 351448.

Sub-sea tunnel
The Sub-sea tunnel cost kr. 100,- back and forth. This will be subtracted from the deposit.
For the payment of kr. 78,- a day, you can use the sub-sea tunnel unlimeted.
There are two sub-sea tunnel in the Faroe Islands. They have a automatic system, that reads the license plate number and sends the bill afterwards.
Do not pay tolls at service station as it says on the sign.

Pick up the rental car 
You can pick up the rental car in Torshavn or at the Airport. It is also possible to pick up the rental car at your hotel and other location around the Faroe Islands.
The Renter has the opportunity to inspect the vehicle before the renting term begins and confirms that it is in good operable condition.

Deliver the rental car
You can deliver the car in Torshavn or at the Airport. It is also possible to pick up the rental car at your hotel and other location around the Faroe Islands.

The car must be returned in the same condition as before the car rental. If there has been a accident, you can see the “Incurance” and "Accidents" for help.

The car must also be fairly clean, inside and outside.

Cancellation and change

More than 48 hours before pickup, full refund (except 500 DKK cancellation / processing fee)

Less than 48 hours before pickup, no refund

The deposit is always full refundable.

It is free for changing a car or period. But we can not guarantee that we do have cars available.

Personal data
Rental Cars (Sp/F Vitan) treats all personal data in concordance with The Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data.

Credit card information
When you make a payment on Rental Cars (Sp/F Vitan), all credit card information is handled by QuickPay, which is a safe electronic payment method for Visa and MasterCard/Eurocard. All card information is handled in concordance with the credit card organizations rules.

Information about the company

Sp/F Vitan (Arctic)
V-tal: 624829

Contact information

Blankagøta 1
FO-100 Tórshavn
Phone: +298 213636


All prices on include MVG and local taxes.