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Exploring the Faroe Islands’ beautiful landscapes by car is a popular way to get around. It’s easy, flexible and you can decide your own pace – just like a true Faroese! Most islands are connected by an excellent infrastructure of roads, bridges and sub-sea tunnels, making it effortless to get around.


All major highways are paved, but some roads, especially to the smaller villages, are still gravel roads. Make sure to navigate these roads with care, as loose gravel can make driving difficult. Many roads and tunnels leading to villages can be very narrow, so please choose a safe speed according to the conditions. Note also that some roads are very narrow. To keep traffic flowing, these roads have lay-bys (widened sections formed to one side as to leave the road free for other to pass). These lay-bys are NOT to be used for parking. 

Drive in a safe manner

The roads in Faroe Islands are good, but some of the roads are narrow and difficult to drive. Some of the tunnels are old and narrow, so you have to be very careful,

Also the weather can change quickly from sun to rain and it can get foggy.

There are also many things to look at while you are driving. Many birds and waterfalls and other beautiful things. Therefor we must advice you, to drive in a safe manner and it is very important, that you keep your eyes on the road the whole time while you are driving.

The general speed limit is 50 km/h in urban areas, and 80 km/h on asphalt roads and gravel roads in rural areas. See some guidelines here. 

Motorists are obliged by law to use headlights at all times, day and night. Passengers in the front and back seats of an automobile are required by law to use safety belts. Talking on a mobile phone and driving under the influence of alcohol are strongly prohibited. 

Airport bus

Every flight has a bus waiting for the passengers. This bus drives directly to the bus terminal in Torshavn. Arctic can deliver the rental car to the bus terminal in Torshavn. Then when you arrive at the bus terminal, the rental car will be ready for you. 

We can also deliver the car at your hotel or to your location in Torshavn.

Airport taxi

There are many taxi at the Airport, that can drive you directly to Arctic in Torshavn. Taxi are for every flight. 

Maps of Faroe Islands

Most islands in the Faroe Islands are connected by tunnels and bridges, making it effortless to travel by vehicle to all corners of the country. The road infrastructure in the Faroe Islands is excellent, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey regardless of weather conditions.

Here is a useful link to maps to help you find your way.

General guidelines

Here are some general guidelines, when you rent a car in Faroe Islands:

  • General speed limit in the Faroe Islands is 50 km/h in built-up areas and 80 km/h outside built-up areas, unless otherwise stated. Many roads and tunnels leading to villages can be very narrow, so please choose a safe speed according to the conditions. 
  • Off-road driving in the Faroe Islands is prohibited by law. Please respect the nature and stay on paved roads. 
  • All passengers are required to use seat belts, both in front- and back seats. Arctic car rental rents out safety equipment for children from 0 - 36 kg. 
  • The use of dipped headlights is compulsory at all hours. Therefore, please turn on the lights (on) as auto may not be sufficient. 
  • Don't drink and drive! Alcohol limit is 0,2 ‰ 
  • Mobile phone: Headset or other hand free equipment is compulsory. 
  • A toll fee is added when passing through the sub-sea tunnels: 
  • Streymoy to Vágar and Eysturoy to Borðoy. However, when renting a car from Arctic rental car the fee will be charged from your deposit departure. 
  • Do not pay tolls at service station as it says on the sign. 
  • Parking in Tórshavn, Runavík, Klaksvík and at the airport is restricted. 
  • Parking discs, displayed in the right-hand corner of the front windscreen, must show the time you parked your car. Parking violations will incur a fine of DDK 500 plus administration fee.