Require automatic transmission


Save fuel money and drive ELECTRIC

The Faroe Islands landscape is ideal for electric cars or EV Cars.

In every car, there is a charging device added to the key ring, that can be used, when you are charging the car. This device is easy to use and can be used in every charge station.

Many hotels have charging stations at there parking area.

There is also a charging cable in every car, so you can change the car at your Airbnb or similar. Here it is possible to save money.

After the rental, the charging fee for the car will be subtracted from the deposit.

There are many quick chargers all over the islands. It only takes a few minnuts to charge the cars.

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Our electric cars are a brand new Honda e:Ny1

  • Battery Capacity 69 kWh
  • Range 412 km WLTP

Benefits with electric cars

- Low fuel costs, making travel more economical.
- Extra space for luggage
- Zero emissions for eco-friendly exploration.
- Quieter, smoother rides for a more pleasant journey.
- Ideal for the Faroe Islands' landscapes, with enough range for extensive exploration.